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Sheikh Nazim and general sufi links

  • Saltanat - official journal of the Naqshbandi order, content by Maulana Sheikh Nazim (qs), Sheikh Mehmet (qs), Sheikh Bahauddin (qs)
  • - naqshbandi site, founded by Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani (qs)
  • dhikr (wikipedia entry) - info on zikr/dhikr, also mentions hadrah
  • The Wayfarer - lots of interesting articles and resources, especially good for people new to islam and sufism
  • - loads of video and audio files of Maulana Sheikh Nazim's talks
  • - loads of information and talks by Maulana Sheikh Nazim
  • - another site with loads of information and talks by Maulana Sheikh Nazim
  • - Sufi Meditation Centre Vancouver
  • - lots of naqshbandi topics
  • - podcasts/MP3s of some of Maulana Sheikh Nazims talks, other info and articles

Other Zikr groups

Miscellaneous links

  • Sugar to Sadaqa - reduce your harmful sugar intake and convert the money saved into sadaqa!
  • Haqqani-Do kung fu - Jamaluddin's kung fu blog (Oxford UK based martial arts training). Also a video on Youtube here.
  • Sufi Spice - Home cooked, organic Indian catering using fresh local produce. Offers a flexible menu service to suit all tastes and occasions. (Located in Oxfordshire, U.K)
  • Healthy Ummah - Showing people how to transform information into action.